Tear-Off Pads: Maths Puzzle Pad

Tear-Off Pads: Maths Puzzle Pad

by Usborne
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by Kirsteen Robson
Publisher Usborne
Published August 2016

Age 6+



A brightly illustrated book full of fun puzzles and activities to put maths skills to the test. Children can use maths to find the strongest weight lifter, crack the code on a safe, translate a sequence of hieroglyphs and lots more. The answers are at the back of the book, along with help information for topics such as angles and decimals, and blank pages for calculations.

一本充满了有趣的谜题和活动的书,将测试数学技能放在好玩的活动中。 孩子们可以通过数学找到最强壮的举重运动员,破解保险箱的密码,翻译一系列象形文字等等。 答案在书的后面,以及诸如角度和小数等知识,还有用于计算的空白页。

Details & Specs

Title: Maths Puzzle Pad
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9781409581444