See Under the Sea

See Under the Sea

by Usborne
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by Kate Davies
Illustrator Colin King
Publisher Usborne
Published February 2009

Age 6+



A fabulous flap book with over 80 flaps to lift and extra pages to open up to explore life under the sea. Shows coral reefs teeming with fish, the icy waters of the Arctic and the dizzying depths of ocean trenches, and shipwrecks and pirate booty too. Flaps reveal extra facts, information and surprises.

一本神奇的翻页书,有超过80个翻翻页可以提起,额外的页可以打开来探索海底的生命。 展示了鱼类丰富的珊瑚礁,北极冰冷的海水,令人眼花缭乱的海沟深处,以及沉船和海盗战利品。 每个翻翻页都揭示了额外的事实、信息和惊喜。

Details & Specs

Title: See Under the Sea
Format:  Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 9780746096383