See Inside Weather & Climate

See Inside Weather & Climate

by Usborne
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by Katie Daynes
Illustrator Russell Tate
Publisher Usborne
Published November 2014

Age 6+



A fascinating flap book that tours the land, sea and skies to discover where weather comes from. With over 100 flaps to lift, children can peer into a thundercloud, follow the path of a hurricane and visit the coldest place on Earth. Includes pages on climate change, the seasons, world climates, the water cycle, winds and more. An informative introduction to an essential school geography topic.

一本令人着迷的翻页书,旅行的地方,海洋和天空,以发现天气的来源。 有了100多个翻翻页,孩子们可以窥视雷雨云,跟随飓风的路径,参观地球上最冷的地方。 包括气候变化,季节,世界气候,水循环,风和更多的页面。 介绍学校地理的基本主题。

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Title: See Inside Weather & Climate
Format:  Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 9781409563983