See Inside Recycling and Rubbish

See Inside Recycling and Rubbish

by Usborne
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by Alex Frith
Illustrator Peter Allen
Publisher Usborne
Published November 2010

Age 6+



A fun and fascinating flap book that follows rubbish on a journey from the bin to the sorting factories and recycling centres. Over 60 flaps reveal how glass, metal, plastics and paper are recycled and what happens to the rubbish that can’t be recycled. Includes a large, fold-out page showing the amazing machines that separate materials in recycling centres.

这是一本有趣而迷人的翻页书,解密垃圾从垃圾箱到分拣工厂和回收中心的旅程。 60多个翻翻页揭示了玻璃、金属、塑料和纸张是如何回收的,以及无法回收的垃圾会发生什么。 包括一个大的,可折叠的页面,显示惊人的机器,在回收中心分离材料。

Details & Specs

Title: See Inside Recycling and Rubbish
Format:  Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 9781409507413