Peep Inside a Fairy Tale: Snow Queen

Peep Inside a Fairy Tale: Snow Queen

by Usborne
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by Anna Mibourne
Illustrator George Ermos
Publisher Usborne
Published October 2018

Age 3+



Peep through the pages of this classic story to follow Gerda on her magical journey to rescue her friend Kay from the evil Snow Queen. With delicate cutaway pages showing snowflakes and starry skies, holes to peep through and stunning illustrations by George Ermos, this is a beautiful way to introduce little children to the classic fairy tale.

透过一页页精美的插图和镂空设计,我们将跟随Gerda的奇幻之旅,从邪恶的白雪皇后手中救出她的朋友Kay。精美的剖面图展示了雪花和繁星点点的天空,可以镂空的洞洞和来自George Ermos的精制插图,是一种超赞的方式向孩子们介绍这个深受喜爱的童话故事。

 Details & Specs

Title: Peep Inside a Fairy Tale: Snow Queen
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 9781474942980