Listen and Learn: First French Words

Listen and Learn: First French Words

by Usborne
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by Sam Taplin, Mairi Mackinnon
Illustrator Rosalinde Bonnet
Publisher Usborne
Published November 2015

Age 2+



This looks like a book but it's actually a clever sound panel that allows children to hear 128 everyday French words spoken by a native speaker. Children will love selecting a card with illustrations of a topic such as clothes, food, or animals, slotting it into the special frame and pressing the pictures to hear the words read aloud. Each of the four double-sided topic cards shows sixteen words with corresponding pictures for children to press. A fun and engaging way for children to learn French as a first or second language.

这看起来像一本书,但它实际上是一个可以发音的板,可以让孩子们听128个法语单词。 孩子们会喜欢选择带有某个主题插图的卡片,比如衣服、食物或动物,把它插进特殊的框架,按下图片,听单词的朗读。 四张双面主题卡,每张都有16个单词和对应的图片供孩子们按。 这是一种让孩子们把法语作为第一或第二语言来学习的有趣和有趣的方式。

Details & Specs

Title: Listen and Learn: First French Words
Format:  Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 9781409597711