First Reading Level 3 - The Fox and the Crow

First Reading Level 3 - The Fox and the Crow

by Usborne
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by Susanna Davidson
Illustrator John Joven
Publisher Usborne

Age 4+



Fox sees some cheese. Fox WANTS the cheese. There's just one problem - the cheese belongs to Crow. What will Fox do next? Find out in this lively retelling of the classic Aesop's fable, specially written for children who are just learning to read, with charming illustrations by John Joven throughout.

小狐狸看到了一些奶酪。小狐狸想要得到这些奶酪。只有一个问题 - 奶酪是克劳的。小狐狸接下来会做什么? 这是一本专门为初级阅读者改编的来自经典伊索寓言,全书配有John Joven的精美插图。

Details & Specs

Title: The Fox and the Crow
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN:  9781474964340