First Encyclopedia of Our World

First Encyclopedia of Our World

by Usborne
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by Felicity Brooks
Publisher Usborne
Published July 2010

Age 5+



A bright, lively introduction to our world with simple text, amazing photographs and detailed illustrations. Provides simple explanations to questions such as “Why is night dark?” “How do earthquakes happen?” and “What is under the sea?” Includes free downloadable pictures and internet links to carefully selected fun websites.

一本用简介文字生动介绍我们的世界的书,配合超棒的的照片和详细的插图。 解释对诸如“为什么夜晚是黑暗的?” “地震是怎么发生的?” 和“海底是什么?” 之类的问题。还有免费下载的图片和互联网链接到精心挑选的有趣的网站。

Details & Specs

Title: First Encyclopedia of Our World
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 9781409514305