Billy and the Mini Monsters: Monsters on a Plane

Billy and the Mini Monsters: Monsters on a Plane

by Usborne
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by Zanna Davidson
Illustrator Melanie Williamson
Publisher Usborne
Published August 2020

Age 5+



Billy and his Mini Monsters are off to Spain! There are just two small problems - Peep's been seen by the airport guards and Trumpet and Gloop have got lost with the luggage. Can Billy get his Mini Monsters back in time for take-off? Join Billy and the Mini Monsters in this laugh-out-loud adventure series for young readers, with colourful illustrations throughout.

比利和他的小怪兽要去西班牙了! 但有两个小问题——“Peep”被机场警卫发现了,“Trumpet”和“Gloop”带着行李丢失了。比利能把他的小怪兽赶在起飞前找回来吗? 这是专为小读者们设计的系列,一个个笑出声的冒险故事和精致的插图,快来加入比利和小怪兽们一起探险吧!

Details & Specs

Title: Billy and the Mini Monsters: Monsters on a Plane
Format:  Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 9781474978378