Big Book of Sea Creatures

Big Book of Sea Creatures

by Usborne
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by Minna Lacey
Illustrator Fabiano Fiorin
Publisher Usborne
Published July 2016

Age 4+



Open the huge fold-out pages to discover all kinds of magnificent sea creatures, from the leatherback sea turtle to the great white shark and the biggest animal on Earth – the mighty blue whale. Each page is full of stunning illustrations to pore over, showing the biggest, smallest, longest, fastest, oldest and most ferocious ocean creatures.

打开巨大的折页,你会发现各种各样的海洋生物,从棱皮龟到大白鲨,再到地球上最大的动物——蓝鲸。 每一页都充满了令人惊叹的插图,展示了最大、最小、最长、最快、最古老和最凶猛的海洋生物。

Details & Specs

Title: Big Book of Sea Creatures
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 9781474921015