Tear-Off Pads: Travel Activity Pad

Tear-Off Pads: Travel Activity Pad

by Usborne
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by Simon Tudhope
Illustrator Simon Tudhope
Publisher Usborne
Published June 2013

Age 6+



Whether you're in a car, train, boat or plane, long journeys will pass by in a flash with this fun-packed activity book. Includes over 200 pages packed with pen-and-paper puzzles to keep the whole family entertained, wherever you happen to be! Includes picture puzzles, holiday dot-to-dots and space for doodling and colouring. Perfect for slipping into your hand luggage.

无论你是在汽车、火车、轮船还是飞机上,带着这本充满乐趣的活动书,长途旅行都会在一瞬间过去。 包括超过200页的纸和笔谜题,让整个家庭娱乐,无论你碰巧在哪里! 包括拼图,节日点对点,涂鸦和上色空间。 这本书非常适合塞进你的手提行李。  

Details & Specs

Title: Travel Activity Pad
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9781409561910